A Journey That Changed The World – Chapter 27 Sweet Tooth

Chapter 27 Sweet Tooth

He approached the board and searched for a quick quest, he has to meet Ella tonight and cant be away from the city. , That’s when he found the perfect one. , Help me transport my goods to the port, will pay for any help I get , Meet me at my shop, The Block and Anvil, in the south part of the city , He rips the paper off the board and walks back over to Sarah and gives it to her. , She looks at it while taking his card before stamping it. , Archer left the guild and headed south. , He arrived outside a blacksmiths shop and knocked on the door. , ”Come in, come in.” , A loud voice came from inside. , Archer entered and saw a typical blacksmith shop from any fantasy novel. , A tall muscular man with a bald head and big bushy beard walked out from the back of the shop and looked at Archer before saying. , ”Boy we aren’t open for a while, I got to head to Starfall City for the entry test for the blacksmith competition.” , He looked at the man with a questioning look. , ”I’m here for the quest you commissioned in the guild.” , The mans eyes widened as he started to laugh loudly. , ”Sorry boy, how are you going to help, your not exactly a big guy.” , Archer narrowed his eyes as he answered. , ”I have a storage skill old man.” , The man looked shocked but smiled as he motioned to follow him as he walked back the way he came. , Archer followed him and entered the room, he noticed it was a storage room full to the brim with crates and barrels. , The blacksmith asked him to store about 10 crates and 5 barrels. , When he stored them he asked the man. , ”Why are you taking all this with you, when you’re entering the competition?” , The man looked at the boy before answering. , ”I’m selling this stuff in the capital, it will fetch me a lot of gold coins.” , Archer didn’t bother asking anything else and gathered more stuff the man pointed out. , Some time later they was done, Archer followed the man to the ship he were unloading the stuff onto. , After a 10 minute walk they stopped in front of a massive merchant ship, the man turned to Archer and spoke. , ”This is the merchant ship Vindhara, it travels down the Deep Flow river to the capital.” , He nodded as he turned his attention towards the vessel. , A majestic vessel that sails across the river and oceans of the world. , The ship is a sight to behold, with its sleek silhouette and tall masts that are adorned with shimmering flags and pennants. , One of the most striking features of it was its hull, which is painted a deep, midnight blue and decorated with intricate carvings of sea creatures and mythical beasts that seem to come to life. , The ship’s prow is fashioned in the shape of a dragon’s head, with sharp, gleaming teeth and fiery eyes that glow in the dark. , It’s sails are made of sturdy canvas that is dyed a rich crimson hue, and they are emblazoned with the sigil of the merchant house that owns the ship. , As they approached the Vindhara, the sounds of bustling activity can be heard from within the ship’s belly. , The decks are alive with merchants, crew members, and exotic cargo from far-off lands, including spices, silks, and precious gems. , Archer was examining the vessel he noticed a grizzled old man was walking towards them. , ”Irphan you’re late, we are about to set sail.” , As he spoke he noticed the boy standing there, the old man looked puzzled as he has never seen anyone look like that. , A pair of white horns, bright violet eyes and glittering white scales. , Irphan turned to Archer. , ”This is the ship’s captain, a grizzled old sea-dog named Captain Thorne, he can usually be found on deck, barking orders and keeping a watchful eye on the crew, also an old friend of mine.” , Nodding his head at the captain, the three made their way onto the ship where archer could unload Irphan’s stuff. , After unloading the stuff Irphan gave him 2 gold coins. , Archer said his goodbyes as he left, he made his down the street and wanted to buy some more food. , Looking around he found a shop that looked like one of the old sweet shops on earth, it’s name made him chuckle. , ‘Sticky Sweets’ , He entered the shop while looking around. , Archer saw many things, chocolate in the shape of cubes, gummy cubes, and all sorts of sweets shaped the same. , The shopkeeper walked over to him while greeting him. , ”Hello young man, how can I help you?” , He pointed at the chocolate cubes. , ”What are they?” , The man looked at the cubes and explained. , ”This is what we call chocolate, it comes from the Nagendra Kingdom in the south, the other stuff is slime cubes from the Sabat dynasty.” .𝒎, Archer looked at all the sweets in front of him and decided to buy them all. , ”I want to buy as much as you can sell me, the chocolate cubes, slime cubes, them white cubes and as much of the other things you can sell.” , The man looked at the boy in shock and instantly started thinking. , ‘Why does he need so much?’ , Shaking his head before smiling. , ”Have you got the coin for such an order?” .𝒎, Rolling his eyes he quickly pulled out 5 coins while grinning, he saw the mans face drop but he coughed. , ”Ok young man, let me prepare the order for you.” , He walked off as he grabbed some bags and started loading the chocolate and sweets into them. , Archer watched him work as 20 minutes flew by. , When the man was finished, Sitting in front of him was a sea of bags and baskets full of goodies, the man stepped behind the desk and looks flustered. , Pastries, sandwiches, sweets, deserts and chocolate. , The shop keeper sighs. , ”Boy you got me working like a golem in the mines, why in the name of the goddess do you need so much?” , All three Archers had one thing in common, they all had a sweet tooth, plus he wanted to give some to Ella and her mother. , He looked at the man while smiling. , ”I like them and I want to give my friend some, I also have to go away for a while so wanted some snacks.” , Archer opened one of the bags and took out a chocolate cube and ate it, his eyes opened wide as the taste was perfect. , It melted on his tongue as he chewed it, swallowing it he started eating more, it reminded him of the chocolate on earth. , He stopped eating once he saw the man looking at him with a strange look, he held up a chocolate cube. , ”Do you have anymore of these old man, and anything else that involves chocolate.” , The man sighs as he answered. , ”My names Garett not old man, but yes we do have more, why?” , ”I’ll buy all off it.” , Garett gave up and rounded up everything the boy wanted, which was all the chocolate he had in the shop which was a lot. , Archer saw him bringing over more bags, until the counter was swamped, Garett started working out how much coins it would cost. , After a little while he spoke. , ”8 gold for it all, and il throw in some mana sweets.” , He took out the 8 gold and gave it to him as he asked. , ”Mana sweets, what are they?” , The man smiles as he rushes off to grab a box, he came back and opened it. , What he saw was all different colored balls, twice the size of marbles. , Picking up a black one and asked what they were. , ”What are these things?” , ”They are mana sweets, whatever affinity you have, whether it be fire or light, if you eat the sweet and your affinity matches it refreshes the body and refills your mana.” , He got interested, so he popped the black one in his mouth and felt his body relax, he looked at the box and there weren’t many there. , Being greedy and wanting more for the sake of it he asked for more as he pulled out a pastry and started eating. , ”Garett I want more of these, bring as much as you can.” , He sighed again and walked off. , Archer thought the pastry tasted nice, it was full of chocolate with some fruit in it, he finished it off as Garett returned with 2 more boxes. , ”That will be another gold, you never told me your name?” , He looked at the man and answered because the man hasn’t done anything, he sold him all of his chocolate making Archer a happy boy. , ”Archer.” , He threw him the extra gold and started storing all the food into his item box which took him a good five minutes of none stop work. , ‘Goodbye Garett.” , Garret thought as he watched Archer walk away. , ”What a strange boy, spending so much on sweets.” , He shook his head with a thankful smile as he walked to the back room to pay some debts. , Archer left the store as the afternoon sun was setting, he made his way to the castle while eating one of the sandwiches he bought. , A/N – Leave some comments, power stones, and gifts. It all helps support the book. Artwork in the comments or discord, Updated from 𝑖𝘳.𝒸ℴ𝑚

Chapter end

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