A Journey That Changed The World – Chapter 40 Reactions 2

Chapter 40 Reactions 2

Alexandria, Capital of the Zenia Empire, Northern part of the Southlands , A massive white storm hit the southern tip of Pluoria, causing heavy wind and rain. , The Zenia Empire was the biggest in the Southlands, they guard the way North alongside the Nethania kingdom, the culture of the four kingdoms is similar to the middle eastern and Arabian cultures on Earth. , Women wear kaftans and long flowy skirts made of colorful silk, satin, or cotton and have slits on either side allowing comfortable walking. , The men wore a long tunic called a thobe with a vest or long coat, the weather is always hot. , In the kingdom’s palace, three men and a woman sat around a stone table talking until they felt and saw the massive storm happening in the south. , BOOM!~ , The woman who was the Queen of the kingdom turned to the king as she asked. , ”Amkhu what is happening in the south, should we send help to the Nethanians in the East?” , Emperor Amkhu Sharifi looked at his wife before answering. , ”Hafthah this isn’t a normal storm, something the world hasn’t seen will be born.” , The Queen looked skeptical. , ”How do you know that dear?” , He continued to look at the approaching storm as a bright white light flashed quickly before vanishing. , “An old tome I’ve read describes the storm in front of us, they have debated it for 100s of years.” , Amkhu turned to his servant and gave him an order. , ”Tell Nefertiti that she is to stay in the academy and not leave until the storm passes.” , Aquaria, Captial of the Aquarian Kingdom, southwest of the Southlands on the coast of The Serpent’s Sea , BOOM!~ , The king was training with his children when they all heard the massive boom which sent the horses fleeing in terror. , A light-blue-haired teen with big blue eyes came running out of the tent. , ”Papa, what’s going on?” , Looking at his beautiful daughter as he smiled. 𝘳𝑎.𝗇t, ”Change my Little Teuila, the time of change has come.” , The girl looked up just as the white flash lit up the sky, as the storm raged on, her eyes widened as she saw a magnificent illusion take shape before her. , In the midst of the churning clouds, a giant white dragon appeared. , Its scales gleamed in the flickering lightning, each one shimmering with a ghostly glow. , The dragon’s wings unfurled, and the girl could see every detail etched into their surface as they vanished into thin air. , Teuila who was just staring at the storm with wide eyes, her father turned to her and saw the look on her face and asked. , ”Little Flower, what did you see?” , ”Papa, I saw a white dragon in the storm.” , The man’s eyes widened at his daughter’s reply, and his wife Isona spoke up from behind them. , ”Lashure, come in now the storms getting worse.” , But he wasn’t listening as excitement overtook him. , ”He’s here, he has finally arrived!” , The mother and daughter looked confused before Teuila spoke. , ”Who’s he?” , Lashure didn’t answer straight away until his wife poked him. , Shaking his head as he replied. , ”Legend says that the white king will rise and change the Southlands.” , He looked at his daughter with a stern expression. , ”Stay with your mother from now on, things will get dangerous.” , Huzuz, Capital of the Kagia Kingdom Western part of the Southlands , An old man was sitting at a table discussing the kingdom’s ongoing matters when the storm started and the boom was heard. , BOOM!~ , All the advisors started to panic as the king calmed everyone down. , ”Stay calm it’s only a storm.” , The prime minister objected to the king’s conclusion. , ”My king, this is the same storm that occurred a while back, up north in the Avalon Empire, rumors say that a white dragon has appeared, now it seems whoever it is, is now in the south.” , Everyone got concerned with looks on their faces before the king spoke up. , ”White dragon!” , ”Nonsense, a white dragon hasn’t been seen in 5000 years, why would one appear now, especially in the Southlands!” , The king was getting nervous, considering he has been waging war on the small tribes of dragon-kin. , He calmed down before giving an order to the prime minister. , ”Find out where the storm started and locate the suspect, when you do bring him here.” , The prime minister didn’t bother arguing with the old man, it was pointless. , So he went about relaying the King’s orders. , Sikak, Capital of the Nethania Kingdom, Eastern part of the Southlands , Nethania kingdom borders the massive Dareen Forest which is one of the two routes traders use to head north. , The forest stretches up the Eastern side of the Southlands, it is separated from The Howling Jungle by a massive lake and mountain range. , There are two paths from the Eastern part that leads to the center or north, which are guarded by Nethania forts. , In a palace located at the center of Sikak City. , A man and two women were discussing the plans that the army had to clear the cannibal tribes from their borders. , ”Rayhan, the army is ready to move out, you only have to give the order and the cannibals will be wiped out.” , King Rayhan Samra was about to reply. , BOOM!~ , The three people rushed to the closest window, they looked out to see a giant mana storm gathering over The Howling Jungle. , One of the man’s wives asked. , ”Is Goddess Ziena angry maybe?” , ”No Nasra, this has nothing to do with any of the gods or goddesses apart from one.” , He looks at the white storm until a white flash was witnessed. , ”It’s the Goddess Tiamat.” , The second wife asked with a confused look. , ”Why would the Dragon Goddess be here?” , ”Well Aludra, she is not here per se but that white storm is a dragon ritual, and only she can grant only one dragon the privilege of becoming a white.” , His wives wondered how he knew all this, and he read their expressions before laughing. , ”Books my beautiful wives.” , The king smiled as he knew what was going to happen to his western neighbor when the white king finds out what he’s been doing. , Hafayah, Capital of the Kheesara Kingdom, Southern part of the Southlands , King Isar Kheesara was standing on a balcony looking over his kingdom as the white storm started. , BOOM!~ , His head snapped towards the jungle, a massive mana storm was gathering far into it. , ”Vance!” , King Isar screamed out to his butler. , A young man wearing a butler’s uniform appeared when the king called for him. , The King looked at the butler before asking. , ”Do you know what this is?” , Isar pointed at the storm as the butler looked up. , His eyes widened when he reported the rumors coming from the North. , ”Well, your majesty there was a rumor circling around the traders coming from the Avalon Empire that state that a white dragon has risen, and the church is hunting for him.” , He gets a questioning look on his face as he asked the butler more questions. , ”How do you know it’s him?” , ”And why is the church hunting him?” , Vance told him everything as they were standing on the balcony watching the storm. , ”Vance send a messenger to the church and tells them we have their prize trapped, if they want his location they must help us take the Nethania Kingdom.” , the butler went to leave but he heard the king’s voice. , ”Summon my generals, we need to hunt the boy.” , Cannibals in the Howling Jungle , ”Big bang.” , ”More food?” , ”Hungry.” , ”Hunt the white-horned rabbit that’s been killing us.” , ”Quick.” , ”Food.” , ”Fresh meat.” , ”MEAT.” , They sprinted off into the jungle to go hunt Archer. , For some reason, they’ve become obsessed with capturing him to the point that they’ve stopped raiding the local villages. , 300 plus cannibals started searching the jungle looking for a certain troll who was hiding in his Domain. , Starfall City, The Avalon Empire , Emperor Osoric Avalon sat in his study reading reports about a certain boy he couldn’t find since the church decided to attack him. , He had many witnesses provide evidence against the church for launching an attack on the boy. , The boy was last spotted in Vassia City, Osoric summoned the Duke to question him. , BANG!~ , The Empress Chloe Avalon ran into the room and approached him. , ”Osoric, I know where the boy is!” , His eyes widened when he heard her speak. , ”Where is he?” , She gets a nervous look on her face before explaining. , ”Well he went on a quest to the Rhodora Kingdom to deliver relief supplies to the guild in Karna city, but there was a battle between the defenders and a horde of goblins, orcs, and trolls led by an orc king.” , She pulled out some paper from her storage ring and started reading from it. , Despite their valiant efforts, the defenders were ultimately defeated, leaving only Archer to face the orc king. , He fought bravely, but in the end, he was overpowered and thrown into the rushing waters of the Eventide River. , Now, soldiers familiar with the local terrain speculate that Archer may have survived and washed up in the Southlands. , As soon as they heard the distant boom coming from the south, they turned to face each other. , Without a word, they both knew what they had to do and quickly made their way to the balcony that faced southward. , After a three-minute run, they made it, as the two of them were standing there, a bright flash was seen over the large mountains in the distance. , ”So he is there, and the rumors were true, the boy is a white dragon, we need to make sure he’s okay, but we can’t send any troops to search for him due to how many kingdoms they will need to cross.” , Chloe looked disappointed at the news but remembered something. , ”Darling once we find the boy we should introduce him to Leira and see if the two of them get along.” , Osoric nodded his head in approval, neither caring what either child says. , A/N – Leave some comments, power stones, and gifts. 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Chapter end

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