Dragon Blooded War God – Chapter 27 – [Blood Transmuted Qi]

Chapter 27 – [Blood Transmuted Qi]

Inside Long Chens consciousness, the Mysterious Dragon Jade Pendant, with its dragon-like patterns, had once again begun to emit a faint glow of light while a black light had shone upon the drop of Inheritance Blood Essence that was below it.

The Inherited Blood Essence, which was constricted by Long Chen, had given a roar of unwillingness that shook Long Chens consciousness violently, but it still could not escape the control of the Mysterious Dragon Jade Pendant.

The Inherited Blood Essence slowly moved towards the Mysterious Dragon Jade Pendant. In the next instant, they merged together and had turned the Mysterious Dragon Jade Pendant completely blood red.

At this point, Long Chen could see that the black coloured dragon-like patterns on the Dragon Jade had already turned red. In the midst of these dragon-like patterns, many veins emerged which looked exactly like the Dragon Veins!

Long Chen had no time to be startled as just then he discovered that the Dragon Vein inside the dragon-like pattern had a blood red energy that was flowing within. Long Chen was already very excited deep down and attentively memorised the trajectory of the energy movements.

This movement was similar to martial techniques and was actually a method to draw Qi!

No matter if it was the Mysterious Dragon Jade Pendant or the Inherited Blood Essence, both of them still had a very mysterious and immense presence. As a result, the method of drawing Qi shown on the Dragon Jade was naturally not simple.

Long Chen hurriedly recorded all of the movements down. At this point the blood red colour on the Dragon Jade slowly faded away and that red droplet of blood had once again been separated and suppressed under the Dragon Jade, not being able to move an inch.

Long Chen did not bother to guess what exactly the Dragon Jade was, so he naturally used the method that was shown in the Dragon Jade to draw the blood red Qi. In that instant he felt himself shake uncontrollably because he had suddenly grasped the name of this technique to draw the blood red Qi as well as its uses.

[Blood Transmuted Qi]it can actually refine the blood essence, and then transform it into ones Qi! This effect, compared to directly eating spirit jades or even learning Beast Warrior techniques to swallow the beast energy cores, is much more effective by many times!

This technique, although it has no grade, is definitely an overpowered ability!

Long Chen who had been squeezing the heart of the Underground Blood Lizards heart in his hands, applied the newly acquired [Blood Transmuted Qi] technique. Suddenly, there was a strange force being applied on the Underground Blood Lizards body.

Long Chen could feel that the opponent was in extreme agony so he crushed its heart to allow it to die immediately, no longer suffering from this torturous pain.

After the Underground Blood Lizard died, under the [Blood Transmuted Qi], the blood from its body had madly rushed towards Long Chen without leaving a single drop.

At this time every scale on Long Chens body, as if a huge mouth, had swallowed all of this blood.

With the domineering strength of the [Blood Transmuted Qi], there was a loud bang. A large number of these blood droplets resoundingly exploded and many of the impurities from Long Chens body were forcefully expelled. As for the blood droplets that had remained, they had all transmuted into a blood red Qi and assimilated into Long Chens dantian!

This one Underground Blood Lizards energy was comparable to that of a 100 spirit jades! As for Long Chen, who had tasted some food after being famished, he turned his gaze to look at the other Underground Blood Lizards.

Under the method of this [Blood Transmuted Qi], Long Chen had gone on a one-sided killing spree on the Underground Blood Lizards. Although Long Chen was still in the fifth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm, compared to these Underground Blood Lizards he was much stronger, especially those spikes of his which had pierced into the Underground Blood Lizards body as if it was tofu!

With the blood red Qi of the Underground Blood Lizards, Long Chens hunger had slowly disappeared and the amount of Qi he had was slowly catching up to the amount he had before he touched the [Seal of the Dragons]. However, the quality alone had increased tenfold!

Seeing Long Chen act in such a savage manner, Lingxi felt unbearable in her heart. However, Demonic Beasts and Humans were of two different races. Normally the humans will slay the demonic beasts and vice versa, this was the way of nature.

As the intelligence of Demonic Beasts are lower she did not say anything much and before Long Chen had absorbed their blood for refining. He had killed them first, so it could be seen that his heart was not corrupted by the Inherited Blood Essences murderous aura.

As Long Chen was about to stop, suddenly Lingxis worried voice rang out:

Long Chen, under here is a huge demonic beast! The strength is Huang Grade 7th level, should we escape?

A beast of the Huang Grade 7th level, compared to his strength before, can easily claim Long Chens cheap life!

She too could not comprehend the true strength of Long Chen after his transformation, so she used a worried tone to ask him. At this point Long Chen was shocked.

Huang Grade 7th Level huh, a good time for me to test my true ability

Huang Grade 7th Level Demonic Beast, in reality they are much stronger than those cultivators of the seventh level of the Dragon Pulse Realm.

As Long Chen thought of this the whole ground shook. At this moment, a cry that was similar to a dragons had sounded and the quagmire exploded bringing with it a huge scarlet monster that appeared before Long Chens eyes.

This was an enlarged version of an Underground Blood Lizard. Its body exceeded 20 metres and the whole body was littered with blood red scales. The two scarlet eyes were bigger than a face and it looked extremely terrifying!

It is actually an Underground Blood Lizard King! No wonder there are so many Underground Blood Lizards here, it should be because of this leader here!

Long Chen who was facing the tremendous pressure from the Underground Blood Lizard King, did not retreat even half a step.

After seeing Long Chen killing so many Underground Blood Lizards, the Underground Blood Lizard King had already been struck with rage. Although it could faintly sense that Long Chen was extremely mysterious and strange, it could not quell the anger from its heart!

This big ugly freak! Seems like he wants to kill me, but to me, you are naught but food!

Long Chens cold gaze flashed and right now his speed was almost ten times faster than before. Whenever he moved his body there seemed to be a blood red shadow formed within the cave. However, Long Chen could see that the Underground Blood Lizard Kings tongue also had a fast speed.

As Long Chen moved, the huge wad of blood red tongue that had brought such an enormous power appeared above his head. Long Chen shouted, then punched out and exchanged a blow with it once but he found that the strength on the Underground Blood Lizard Kings tongue was almost comparable to his own strength. This exchange had immediately sent both of Long Chens legs embedded into the ground!

Oh well, today I have already eaten my fill and I have no time to waste on you! Since learning the [Seal of the Ashened Dragon] I have not used it before. Today, I will let you have the first blow.FOlloow ewest stories at n(v)el/bi/n(.)com

Long Chen bowed his head, and the scarlet red eyes emitted a strong and cold gaze. Although his palm had already turned into claws, it did not seem to stop the palm formation of the seal and the blood red Qi flowed violently between both of his hands very quickly. A huge pressure was sent towards the Underground Blood Lizard King and as for the [Seal of the Ashened Dragon], it had also been rapidly formed in Long Chens hands!

[Seal of the Ashened Dragon]!

As the blood red Qi transformed into a blood red mini dragon coiling around Long Chens palm, the Underground Blood Lizard King had momentarily felt the invitation of death and hurriedly retreated.

But at this point, the originally dark cave had a blood red flash of light illuminating it and a blood red divine dragon image had darted across and struck the Underground Blood Lizard Kings head. As the deep and low Dragons cry had sounded, the Underground Blood Lizard King had already been split into pieces, completely dead.

Huang Grade 7th level, dead!

This had been the strongest opponent Long Chen had ever fought against. He estimated that even if it was Bai Shiji, against this Underground Blood Lizard King, he might not gain any advantage at all!

After killing this Underground Blood Lizard King and realising the smell of blood permeating the air, Long Chen did not let the opportunity go and he hopped on its back and used [Blood Transmuted Qi] technique. At this moment, an enormous amount of blood from the Underground Blood Lizard Kings body had already welled up.

The amount of blood had amounted to countless tons, but under the voracious appetite of the technique, he refined and removed about 90% of the impurities after which he transmuted the pure blood essence into Qi and assimilated it into his dantian!

Huang Grade 7th level blood essence was not a laughing matter and Long Chen had immediately felt that his Qi had risen very quickly to a critical point.

Earlier he had a starved feeling but now it was a bloated feeling. The wait Long Chen had for the breakthrough to the sixth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm had finally arrived!

He then sat cross-legged on top of the Underground Blood Lizard King. In that instant all of the Qi had transformed into a blood red dragon and roared, charging towards the sixth Dragon Vein.

What made Long Chen astonished was that the blood red Qi dragon seemed to have its own intelligence. It was savage and reeked of blood. Long Chens Qi had already risen to the peak of the fifth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm, so when he tried to breakthrough it was relatively easy as that choked Dragon Vein was too weak to resist the rush of the blood red Qi dragon.

Not even a minute later, that sixth Dragon Vein had been broken through and an enormous amount of natural energy had entered Long Chens body. Right now his strength was completely of the sixth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm!

Before the demonic beast hunting competition he had finally entered the sixth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm and feeling that brimming energy, Long Chen had finally smiled.

After making such a huge disturbance, Long Chen did not dare to stay here any longer and he hurriedly went towards the exit and into the previous cave. What made him feel depressed was that he did not know what to do about his appearance right now.

Right when he was fretting over this matter, he suddenly felt a strange itching sensation. The scales and spikes on his body had actually withdrawn back into his body gradually and he once again resumed his original appearance.

However, when he had gotten rid of the transformed shape, he could feel that the Inherited Blood Essence which was spread throughout his body had slowly retreated and finally formed a small red dot between his eyebrows.

The colour of the blood red Qi, which had the quality of ten times more than normal Qi, had also faded; however, the remaining Qi had fine linings of blood red and as for the quality, compared to normal Qi it is higher by 4 times or so!

The sharp rise in Long Chens strength earlier, had now slowly disappeared.

However, the him right now compared to other sixth level Dragon Pulse Realm cultivators is still much stronger than them. Adding on to his practice of using [Seal of the Dragons], Long Chen believed that even if it was Bai Shiji of the seventh level of the Dragon Pulse Realm, he could still deal with him!

Long Chen had felt a great pity for that transformation leaving his body, because that was where he was at his strongest, however that appearance would not allow him to live on in this world, so there was no choice.

I dont know if I can still transform, but this Mysterious Dragon Jade Pendant is so magical, I think it should be possible.

Even without changing his form, his strength should already be enough for the demonic beast hunting competition.

After Long Chen had removed that transformation and everything had returned to normal, only then did Lingxi impatiently question him: Long Chen, which dragon does your Inherited Blood Essence belongs to?

Chapter end

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