Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures – Chapter 56 Ivan and Harry vs Tom Riddle

Chapter 56 Ivan and Harry vs Tom Riddle

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What are your questions? Harry snapped, his fists were still tightly clenched.

There are many, for example..

Ther was a wry smile on Riddles face, How does a baby, without any powerful magic, defeat the greatest wizard of all time? How could you escape unharmed, leaving only a scar and kill Voldemort?

HIs eyes were like a starving wolf with a strange red glow.

Its funny that you were defeated by Harry but you dont know how you failed. Voldemort, is this you so called powerful magic? smiled Ivan

Ivan was looking for the diary.

Now Riddle is just a memory without a physical form, he is absorbing Rons vitality and forming a body, attacking him would not get anywhere.

Only if we find the Horcrux can we solve everything?

I underestimated you again, Mud blood! It seems that you already know who I am, I am Voldemort, he is my past, present, and future.

He took Rons broken wand and wrote in the air: Tom Marvolo Riddle

Voldemort is my own new name! whispered Tom, Do you think Im going to use my filthy Muggle fathers name my entire life? In my veins flows the blood of Salazar Slytherin, I wont keep that repulsive muggle name. He abandoned me before I was born because his wife was a witch!

Thats impossible! Im going to give myself a new name, which means freshman! I know that one day when I become the greatest magician in the world, wizards everywhere will be afraid to say my name!

Although Harry already knew Tom was Voldemort, Harry still froze when he saw the name written in the air.

He looked at Riddle, the man, who had killed his parents and so many others.

No, you are not. Harry forced himself to speak, his quiet voice was full of hate.

Not what? asked Tom sternly.

Not the greatest wizard in the world! Said, Harry, while being a little short of breath, Im sorry to disappoint you but the greatest wizard is Albus Dumbledore. Everybody says that even when you were strong, you didnt dare step foot in Hogwarts. You feared Dumbledore then and you still fear him now.

The smile on Riddles face vanished, and he put on a very ugly expression.

From the first time we meet to the end, Dumbledore never believed me, when I first saw him in the orphanage, I knew. But it doesnt matter, I know spells that he never imagined, I am the most powerful. Now tell me, Harry Potter, how long do you think your words can keep you and that mud blood next to you alive.

Why did you fail once you laid hands on me? I dont know myself, said Harry stiffly, But I can see why you didnt kill me, as Ivan said, because my mother died trying t save me, she stopped you with her love for me!

Harry was shaking with anger, She stopped you from killing me, I saw the real you, I saw you last year. All that is left of you is a husk, its the end of the line, you are evil, you are ugly, and you are disgusting!

Riddle turned and looked at the statue of Slytherin, his grinning face was more visible.

Now lets see can you and that mud blood escape from the greatest dark wizard of all time.

Tom spoke in Parseltongue, the huge stone statues mouth opened and formed a giant dark hole.

Ivan looked at the face of the statue of Slytherin which was barely visible. He then saw the diary that he was looking for above the statue.

The basilisk slowly slithered out of the statue, its body was full of scars, Snapes attacks, and the roosters crow has made it unusually tired and weak.

But for two young wizards, the basilisk is still deadly even in its weakened state.

Kill them! cried Tom frantically.

The basilisk slithered towards them, Ivan wand produced a pink light, it was the Conjunctivitis Curse but it was neutralized by a spell from Riddle.

Are you stupid, do you think I would let you do the same thing twice. Riddle screamed, Now mud blood smell the sweet embrace of death

Before his words finished, music filled the chamber of secrets.

It was eerie, spine-tingling, unearthly.

Ivan saw a crimson bird descend suddenly, it was the size of a crane, playing its eccentric music. It had a glittering tail which was as big as a peacocks, a pair of glittering claws, and a parcel on his talon.

Its Fawkes, Dumbledores Phoenix!

He flew over and threw a tattered hat to the two mens feet, Ivan saw that it was the schools sorting hat.

Thats hilarious!

Riddle suddenly burst out laughing, he smiled, and trembled, it was as if there were ten of them laughing at the same time, This is what Dumbledore sends his defender, a singing bird, and a tattered hat! Do you feel brave, Harry Potter? Do you feel safe now?

As Toms voice fell, he saw Fawkes fly towards the basilisk and circle its head.

The basilisk tried to attack the Phoenix with its fangs.

But it was no use, Fawkes swooped down, and plunged its long golden beak into the head of the basilisk. Fawkes sang a strange song, from time to time it pecked the basilisk, black blood soon gushed out, the Phoneix had pecked it blind.

No, kill the boys! Leave the bird alone, the boys are behind you! screamed Riddle loudly.

Harry, believe in yourself, Ivan shoved the sorting hat into Harrys hand, he then turned towards the statue of Slytherin and shouted, Ill get the diary, you have to destroy it.

Harry blankly stared at the tattered hat, he then felt something hard in the hat, he looked down and saw a glittering silver sword, the hilt was studded with dazzling rubies the size of eggs.

Harry pulled it out, the rubies faintly glowed.

The proof of courage, the sword of Gryffindor!

Chapter end

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