Leveling with the Gods – Chapter 428

Chapter 428


The world turned into chaos in the blink of an eye.

"Stop them! Stop them!"

"What are we supposed to stop?! First, let's run!"

"Damn it, are the Valkyries not here yet?"


Suddenly, herds of goats invaded the world.

At first glance, they seemed like just small goats, but to the average Rankers, they were insurmountable monsters.

"This shouldn't be happening to us!"

"Aaaaah! Save us..."


The goats wreaked havoc.

They couldn't handle even a single goat, and the heads and limbs of the High-Rank Rankers were torn off, and a river of blood was already flowing beneath the collapsed castle wall.

"It's total annihilation."


The castle wall overseer tightly shut his eyes.

A goat that was swiftly approaching opened its mouth. Seeing that his body was paralyzed and unresponsive, he thought it would be his end.

But at that moment...


A spear thrown from somewhere pierced through the goat's body.


"Look, they're here!"

"It's the Valkyries!"

The castle wall overseer, who was laughing with joy, soon showed a surprised expression.

'How did they get here so fast?'

The incident had occurred just thirty minutes ago. Even if the Valkyries were fast, it would still take time for so many of them to prepare and move.

It was an urgent situation, but the reason they had decided to defend the walls to the end was because they knew they were probably getting ready.

But it seemed like...

'Were they prepared in advance?'

On this peaceful day known as the Day of Reunion, it appeared they had prepared for an emergency.

Doubt arose but lasted only a moment.

They were safe anyway. The Valkyries had arrived, so they could feel relieved for now.


Brunhilde wielded her sword and spear at the same time, cutting through the goats.

She was the most brilliant among the many Valkyries.

But even that was only for a moment.

"What's going on with these guys?"


Brunhilde looked at the goats moving around bleating while their necks were being cut by her sword.

She felt some unease somewhere.

'It feels like I'm fighting against an opponent that's not alive.'

Clearly, the goats in front of her were small.

They didn't have great strength, nor were they particularly energetic. They occasionally opened their mouths wide enough to be threatening, but they were not a threat to High-Rank Rankers.

However, the more she fought against them, the more it felt like she was weakening.

'Am I getting weaker?'


She applied more force to her grip.

Her pride was wounded.


Her sword started to shine brightly.

It shone intensely from Brunhilde's eyes.

['Light' has been activated]

A skill of Brunhilde that cut everything around her in all directions.

The Valkyries who noticed it moved away.

"Retreat, everyone!"

"The commander is acting!"

Brunhilde's sword did not distinguish between friends and enemies. That's why the moment Brunhilde used her power, the Valkyries moved as far away from her as possible.


The world was filled with a yellow glow everywhere.



Brunhilde's Arcane Power devoured the goats.

In an instant, the purple sky turned bright. Brunhilde, who had created that beautiful landscape, raised her sword high and shouted:

"For Asgard!"


['Battle Cry' has been activated]

[Increases the statistics of affiliated Valkyrie players!]

[Eliminates negative effects on affiliated Valkyrie players!]

[Affiliated Valkyrie players...!]

Numerous effects on the Valkyries. A single buff was enough to show its effect. 'Battle Cry' was the skill that turned Brunhilde into the leader of the Valkyries.

Brunhilde's rank was at 182nd place, just behind YuWon. However, when she fought alongside the Valkyries, she exerted influence and power befitting a double-digit Ranker.

The morale of the Valkyries soared.

Of course, Brunhilde thought the opposite.

"Did I overdo it?"

A bead of sweat trickled from Brunhilde's forehead, who had spent half her Arcane Power in the blink of an eye.

She regretted it instantly.

In a time when she didn't know how long the battle would last.

It seemed that the previous attack had been excessive, but she couldn't help it.

The goats wouldn't easily die from normal attacks, and this unique attack was intended to eliminate that unknown fear.

She decided that this battle was more important to boost the morale of the Valkyries than anything else.

"Even so, this should be enough..."


A bleat echoed amid the bright light.

A chill ran down Brunhilde's back, who had momentarily overcome her fear.

The light gradually diminished, revealing the distorted faces of the goats.



The goats hadn't died.

Instead, they maliciously laughed. Brunhilde's radiance hadn't inflicted mortal wounds on them.

"...I was wondering why the Valkyries had been preparing from the start."

It was evident that the Valkyries were not enough.

The morale that had increased for a moment began to waver again.



The goats approached, opening their mouths as they advanced.


Brunhilde gripped her sword and spear tightly, preparing for what was coming.

"It looks like this is the end for me."

Prepared to die.

-Asgard said the Valkyries were amazing.


A shadow passed by Brunhilde.

-It was just an absurd rumor.


Brunhilde squinted as she wondered who it was.

That person's face was pale, and his lips were blue. Seeing those goats, there was even pleasure in his expression, and occasional madness could be perceived.

An undead, clad in a blue robe and holding a red sword.

Asgard also had information about him.


-That's right.

Although Susanoo belonged to the Three Precious Kids, he was free. He sought many strong individuals, and among them was Brunhilde.

Although he couldn't kill the leader of the Valkyries, Brunhilde, at that moment, victory was clearly on Susanoo's side.

"You've become Kim YuWon's servant, haven't you?"

-That's how it happened.

"Then I guess he's the one who sent you here."

-That's right.

Brunhilde nodded.

In other words, YuWon and Odin had the same idea at the same time.


The eyes of the goats turned toward Susanoo.

They didn't have time to chat and converse.

"It would be better to be careful. They don't die easily."



One goat's mouth loomed over Susanoo.


The goat's mouth swallowed him. In the blink of an eye, Brunhilde was amazed and tried to move again.

No, she tried to move.



The goat's body was torn apart before it could fully swallow Susanoo.

"You shouldn't put me on the same level as you Valkyries."

Thud, thump.

Susanoo, who cut through the goat and emerged from its mouth, placed Kusanagi on his shoulder with an arrogant look on his face.

"It might be better for you not to die. You'll be able to enjoy my power for a longer time."

Ooooh, ooooooh.

The Magatama Jewel hanging from Susanoo's arm shone brightly.

In one hand, he held the Yata Mirror. In the other, the Magatama.

Brunhilde hadn't even seen when Susanoo swung his sword a few moments ago.

The goat had already been cut before it attempted to swallow Susanoo.

She knew Susanoo's rank in life.


Even then, he was the highest among the Three Precious Kids. If he were still alive, he might have been ranked much higher at this moment.

He was undeniably superior to anyone in this Tower when it came to sword skills.


"It seems like he's become stronger after becoming undead."

Even just considering his basic physical abilities, it was astounding.

It was natural for one to weaken upon becoming undead. Unless the Arcane Power of the invoker controlling the undead was infinite, they couldn't help but be weaker than when they were alive.

However, in this case, it was quite the opposite.

"Is Kim YuWon's ability really that amazing?"

YuWon had a high ranking. And no one questioned YuWon's reputation anymore.

But even so, Susanoo's strength in the face of her was incomprehensible.

Moreover, he now held the Three Sacred Treasures that the Three Precious Kids could never obtain.


Susanoo raised Kusanagi and looked at the goats that had gathered around him.

An eerie glow emanated from the depths of his heart. For most people, that would have been terrifying, but for Susanoo, it was different.

"I'm grateful to the point of madness."

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YuWon gave Susanoo a single order.

"Go and wreak havoc. Just make sure to distinguish between friends and enemies."

Go and wreak havoc!

That's exactly what Susanoo did. In addition to the Three Sacred Treasures, his Arcane Power also flowed abundantly.

It was as if he was in his prime, even better than when he was alive.


A smile formed on his face.

-Thank you, master.


Now he joined the battlefield.


Apolo boarded the Sun Chariot.

Artemis, who got on the Celestial Horse's seat to drive the chariot together, looked toward the Valhalla Castle.

"Shouldn't we hurry?"

Apolo nodded at Artemis's words.

In all likelihood, the battle had already begun by now. The Valkyries had already departed, and those with impetuous temperaments, like Diablo, would have too.

They were no different.

In such an urgent situation, leaving the Sun Chariot as it was, was heart-wrenching even for Apollo.


"We can't leave Dad behind, can we?"

Zeus had not arrived yet.

And that's not all.

Hercules, one of the highest powers of Olympus, was in the same situation.

It might not compare to those two, but Hargan was also absent.

The three of them were in separate locations.

And at that moment...

On top of the Valhalla Castle.

"What was destined has happened."



Hercules and Hargan stood side by side, facing Zeus.

The conversation from the previous day.

That conversation was really before their eyes, as if it were reality.

"Is there no other choice?"

Zeus nodded in response to Hercules' question.

"At least not for me."


At Zeus's answer, Hercules let out a long sigh.

The answer was not from anyone else but Zeus himself. He had even seen Shub-Niggurath on the first floor.

If that was Zeus's judgment, it would surely be final.

'Who the hell is that guy?'

Hercules looked toward the darkening sky.

The external being they had barely expelled had reappeared.

If it continued like this, the 64th floor would be destroyed.

But making a decision was not easy.

'Even so...'

While Hercules was pondering that, Hargan beside him said:

"I'll do it."

And at that moment.


Zeus's gaze became even more serious.

Finally, the moment had come.

Hercules and Hargan.

The appearance of the two was reflected in Zeus's eyes.

'Finally, the fruit is ripe.'


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