Leveling with the Gods – Chapter 474

Chapter 474


Crunch, crunch-.

YuWon's gaze was fixed on the campfire the whole time.

As the story continued, no one opened their mouths. Neither Hargan, nor Hercules, nor Pandora, everyone kept their lips sealed even when there were questions they could have asked.

Until the final point was put on all the stories. It was slow, but the night was long, and YuWon's words finally came to an end.

Although he hadn't told all the stories.

"...I always thought it was strange."

It was Hargan who spoke up first.

He was the first to meet YuWon even before Hercules and Pandora.

"From the moment we first met, I felt that you were different from others. I thought it was because you're ahead of others."

"You're not wrong."

"Yeah, you're not wrong. But I didn't understand. How can someone who is not of Pure Blood be like this? Can it be explained just by talent?"

Hargan was of Pure Blood, even from the prestigious Olympus Great Guild.

He was born not in a pit but in the ocean, and he grew up sailing the sea like a whale cub. For him, YuWon's presence he encountered in the Tutorial was a tremendous shock.

"I thought I knew everything about the sea, but it turns out there are monsters in the pit."

The Tutorial was a pit for Hargan.

Even those of Pure Blood gathered from all around in the Tower were just novices in Hargan's eyes, who hadn't even obtained the name of a "Player" yet.

Not to mention those who didn't even know about the existence of the Tower.

But it was in that Tutorial that Hargan met YuWon.

"It's not really surprising."

On the other hand, Hercules' reaction was quite calm.

"It's not that surprising. Rather, now it makes a bit of sense."

"What? Are you letting this go so easily?"

"What were you expecting? That I would have an amazing reaction? This is enough; let's just accept it. Is there anyone normal in this Tower anyway? Even if he had said he has been reborn, instead of coming back, I would have believed it."

Maybe it was a joke or a truth.

In an unusual manner for Hercules, YuWon finally smiled with the quite amusing response. Actually, more than amusing, it was closer to being a relieved laugh.

'It's much more comfortable after saying it.'

Having an undisclosed secret is uncomfortable.

The presence of the Clock Movement. The time difference because of that.

After talking about that, YuWon felt as if a barrier between him, Hercules, and Hargan had faded away.

Unlike the other two, Pandora, in particular, didn't say anything.

It was unknown what she was thinking.

"So, what? Can we learn something if we defeat that guy?"

After YuWon's story ended, Hargan pointed to the crux of the matter.

Although YuWon had shortened Ubbo-Sathla's name since the others couldn't hear it. In summary, that was what was going to happen.

"First of all, I think so."

"But according to what you said, wasn't that guy out there?"

He definitely was.

Existences outside the Tower. The only way to fight against them was to wait for them to break down the Wall or cross a certain path to enter the Tower.

Even in the distant future, it seems that, in the end, they failed to break down the wall.

"Usually, that's true."


"He's an exception."

"An exception? Explain that more in detail."


YuWon, who was about to say his true Name, closed his mouth.


Anyway, these three wouldn't be able to hear that Name fully, even if he said it.

In that case, it would be better to call him by another name.

"The Amorphous Creator. He is inside the Tower."


To fight well, it is necessary to rest well. Also, he didn't intend to move immediately.

Taking advantage of the moment when everyone was asleep, YuWon repeatedly drew the sword from its sheath and put it back.

By holding this sword, even when it was so peaceful, he felt like he was fighting without reason.

The sword barely had traces of the Edge of Nightfall.

In the first place, this result occurred because of YuWon's request.

"As you said, I erased the traces of the Edge of Nightfall. I never thought I would end up using that good thing as reinforcement material. Seriously."

After the fight, YuWon met Hephaestus to finish the remaining work.

And in return, YuWon told him about the origin of the Otherworld Sword.

Then, for some reason, Hephaestus took out a cigarette and started smoking intensively.

"Is this what my future self did?"

Hephaestus opened his mouth after a long time.

YuWon told him a bit about the future. How miserable that world was. And what choice Hephaestus made in that world.

And the result of that choice was the sword that was now in front of him.

"This is maddening."

It was a cigarette pulled out after several centuries, but it didn't help at all in clearing the dizzy head.

Finally, after smashing the cigarette he had in his hand with impressive force, he pushed YuWon away with a gesture of his hand.

'He must have been surprised.'

If he hadn't been, it would have been even stranger. It was a sign that the situation had become so difficult that he had to resort to melting his beloved hammer to use it.

Hephaestus admired his own work while despairing about the impending future.

Thus, YuWon held in his hands a work created by two Hephaestuses.

[Otherworld Sword (Second Version)]#A sword created with a weapon from the future that Hephaestus brought from the future. It contains the essence of the other world.#Possesses strong lethal power against entities from the other world.#Divine Power is amplified up to 50%.#Automatically accumulates Divine Power.

The item description had some modifications.

It wasn't the original Otherworld Sword but a sword created with materials from the future and the present. An option based on amplification similar to the Edge of Nightfall was also added.

Some time ago, he would have had trouble understanding the meaning of this description.

Until recently, YuWon had no idea what Divine Power meant.

But now he knew it clearly.

Divine Power.

This force, which felt vague, was the force necessary to use the power of the Name used by the Outers.

'This is a different idea from Arcane Power. It's a force used by the Outers, not the Players...'

"What are you doing?"

An unexpected voice suddenly intruded.

Son OhGong's face appeared suddenly in front of YuWon's eyes, turned upside down. While YuWon was lost in thought, Son OhGong crouched behind him and turned his head upside down.

YuWon waved his hand as if swatting away a fly to get Son OhGong off.

"Hey, you're a boring guy."

"You don't like anything other than fighting. Don't make noise and go sleep a bit more."

"I can't sleep. But, what are you thinking?"

"...Stop asking. Anyway, it won't change anything even if I tell you my thoughts."

Whether it was about Hephaestus or the Otherworld Sword, similar thoughts came to his mind. No matter how much he reflected here, Hephaestus would make his own decisions about what would come next, and he wouldn't get accustomed to the new Otherworld Sword until he used it.

The sun began to rise. In a momentary pause in the conversation, Son OhGong asked with subtle anticipation.

"Do you plan to stay here for a while?"

"Of course. We need to coordinate."

"I see..."

Son OhGong looked towards the cabin where Hargan, Hercules, and Pandora were sleeping.

"That guy is a bit..."

The 'that guy' Son OhGong referred to was Hercules.

YuWon, Son OhGong, and Hercules. The three had fought together many times in the future.

But the Hercules they had before them now was different. He didn't have the experience of fighting alongside them.

It's easier to coordinate when they know each other well. Even in the fight against Shub-Niggurath, if the three had coordinated their movements in advance, the process might have been a bit easier.

"You've got a new sword, and it seems neither of us is sleepy."


Son OhGong loosened the knuckles of his fingers as he raised a sly smile.

"It's been a while since we fought; how about a round?"


Boom, bang!

When the ground where he slept shook, Pandora, who had been sleeping deeply, opened her eyes.

She got up slowly and looked around, only to realize that the windows were all broken.

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The sound of the earth vibrating.

Beside the broken windows, Hercules, who had already awakened, was sitting, looking outside.

"Did you wake up?"

Hercules turned his head to look at Pandora.

Hargan, who must have felt the same disturbance, also woke up and was rubbing his eyes.

"It's not a big deal. You can go back to sleep."

"What's happening?"

At the brief question, Hercules pointed with his chin outside.

"As you can see."


On the other side of the broken window, the Ru Yi Bang could be seen piercing the sky through the clouds.

In Pandora's pupils...

The figure of Yu Won running and jumping on the Ru Yi Bang was reflected.


"These two fools are making noise from the morning."

The fight of the two had wreaked havoc around. Every time the Ru Yi Bang staggered, a mountain flew, and YuWon's flames engulfed the Ru Yi Bang threatening Son OhGong.

Now she understood.

The two were quite far away. So far that they could barely see each other, even for someone like Pandora or Hercules.

"YuWon? Is Kim YuWon there?"

Hargan frowned and looked outside with narrowed eyes.

Soon, a question mark appeared on his face. Unlike Pandora, he couldn't see YuWon because he was too far away.

"I don't see him."

"Of course. He's too far for you to see him."

The place where Yu Won and Son Oh Gong were fighting was tens of kilometers away. Moreover, YuWon was busy moving around while fighting Son Goku.

Therefore, it was natural that he didn't see them, unless he was a High-Ranker like Hercules or Pandora.

'It doesn't seem like they're fighting or something.'

In this kind of fight, the goal was obvious.

'Are they trying to coordinate?'

Watching the fight for a moment, Hercules suddenly stood up.

Toward the Ru Yi Bang flying towards the cabin.

Hercules raised his fist toward it.



The Ru Yi Bang flew into the sky. Just as the fist that hit the Ru Yi Bang felt a vibration, the sounds of Son OhGong and YuWon fighting were heard again.


Hercules, who landed on the ground after hitting the Ru Yi Bang. In an instant, the veins on his forehead swelled.

"They're fighting senselessly."

They probably knew he was there, so they were fighting leisurely.



"Take Pandora further away. Very. Very far away."

Still, he couldn't help but feel annoyed.

"If possible, don't leave Pandora's side. If you don't want to die, of course."


With clenched fist, Hercules headed toward where YuWon and Son OhGong were.

Instinctively, Hargan realized that Hercules had decided to intervene in that fight.

With YuWon and Son Oh Gong, they were already terrifying, and now Hercules too...


As the power of Lightning began to emanate from Hercules' body...


Hargan began to move quickly, calling Pandora.

"Let's go, quickly..."


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