Mutated Tao – Chapter 33: Continue The Performance!

Chapter 33: Continue The Performance!

Sensing something amiss, Li Huowangs face stiffened. He immediately placed the sacred text on his back and opened the curtain to see what was happening.

He found everyone frozen in fear, regardless whether they were on stage or playing the instruments.

He followed their gaze, and was horrified. There, sitting on a stool was that thingthe girl with tiny feet whom they had encountered in the forest a few nights ago. It was enjoying the performance as it sat beside the black memorial tablets.

This damned thing followed us all the way here? Did it possess one of us?

Keep going! Dont stop the performance! Li Huowang said as he took one of the wooden stools and sat just below the stage, directly in front of it.

Li Huowangs back gave the members of the Lu family a lot of courage. They took a deep breath and looked at each other with uncertainty. Then, through sheer will, they continued on with their performance.

Meanwhile, the thing gaze concentrated its gaze on the stage. It directly ignored Li Huowangs aggressive actions; it was almost as if it was really here just to enjoy the show.

If it doesnt do anything, then I wont do anything either. I want to see if it is still able to remain here when its day time.

Li Huowang would only act if necessary; after all, giving even a single command to the Wandering God would mean having to give up three months of his lifespan.

A light fog gently embraced the ancestral hall, making the entire place feel slightly oppressive.

At that moment, it suddenly moved. It raised its plump right hand and took two of the red candles before placing them in its mouth. The sound of candles being eaten rang out.

It ate quite quickly. Soon, all of the candles on the tables around it had been eaten by her.

The sound of the performance stopped. Lu Xiucai, who had been performing on stage, was close to fainting from fear. Muffled crying sounds could be heard.

Suddenly, the paper dolls placed by the Hu family started to move. The paper dolls were adorned with black hats and bright red cheeks as they started taking the plates filled with red candles from the other tables before placing them in front of it.

Hihihi~ At that moment, it suddenly let out an eerily high-pitched laugh.

Everyone from the Lu family was paralyzed with fear, their bodies trembling uncontrollably.

Dont stop! Keep performing! At that moment, Li Huowangs angry voice exploded in the silent ancestral hall and dispelled their fears.

Sing! A~~Yaaaa~ The oldest and the most composed of the group, Lu Zhuangyuan, started singing loudly. Under his lead, the sound of the instruments also resumed, becoming even louder than before.

They sang with all of their power, as if they were trying to drown the fear in their hearts. All of them sang till their veins started to bulge and sweat started dripping down from their foreheads.

It stopped laughing, staring blankly at Li Huowang and all of the paper dolls.

Meanwhile, Li Huowang ignored the paper dolls and continued to stare at it.

The third section of the night soon passed and it was the fourth section of the night. The Lu family had been performing all this time, not daring to stop; their voices were hoarse and their throats were in pain, but they continued on.

Shit Its still trying to drag this on? How long is it going to continue this way?

Li Huowang silently cursed.

Just as he was thinking about summoning a Wandering God to deal with it even at the cost of three months of his lifespan, the situation changed once again. At that moment, the black memorial tablets started shaking and thumping on the tables.

Bata~ Bata~

The memorial tablets started thumping on the tables over and over. It sounded like rain hitting the ground.

At this point, the members of the Lu family almost collapsed from fear. It would already be very scary if one of the memorial tablets started moving, let alone all of them!

Seeing their reactions, it chuckled. Soon, it started roaring with laughter. Its voice was so sharp that even Li Huowangs ears were starting to hurt.

However, when Li Huowang saw its reaction, he suddenly smiled. I think I understand now. Every single one of your actions were meant to scare them. There are two possibilities. One is that you like to scare others for entertainment; however, I dont think thats the case. The second possibility is that you feed on peoples fear. After all, candles shouldnt be your main diet, right?

When Li Huowang saw that thing standing up in anger and staring daggers at him, he knew that he had guessed correctly.read latest chpters at n/v(e)lbi(.)co/m

Old man, dont stop singing. Didnt old man Hu instruct you to perform something jovial? If you are afraid, just close your eyes and sing.

Hihihi~ Do I look like a human or a god? Seeing that its plan had been discovered, it started snarling and closed in on Li Huowang.

You look like a bitch! Li Huowang unsheathed his sword and rushed straight toward it.

Once he understood what it wanted from them, all of his doubts about it were dispelled. It seemed that the thing wasnt as strong as he had thought. It was just toying with their hearts.

Soon, both of them clashed and Li Huowang swung his sword.

The cold blade of the sword easily split the thing in half, and even the candles in its stomach were split in half as they fell onto the ground.

At the same time, one half of its body continued flying toward Li Huowangs back.

It was trying to touch him!

But when the pale fingers were mere inches away from his back, it suddenly recoiled from a searing pain.

Oh ho?

Li Huowang noticed what had happened; it seemed that the sacred text was capable of repelling such things!

Li Huowang let go of his sword and gripped the block that was engraved with the sacred text. He then swung it hard toward the things face.

The thing revealed an expression of fear and tried to dodge as the sacred text swung by it.

The situation had suddenly changed. Now, Li Huowang was the one holding the sacred text and chasing the thing. Li Huowang was the source of its fear now!

Within the ancestral hall, Li Huowang chased the thing for quite some time.

Even though it had tiny feet, it ran at a shockingly fast speed. Li Huowang couldnt even get close to it.

Li Huowang was already panting as he stared at the thing across the table.

This cant go on any longer. Is there any way to chase it away?

Fuck off! Dont let me see your face again!

The thing stared at him angrily before moving to a dark corner of the ancestral hall and disappearing.

Li Huowang took a lantern and inspected the corner, but found nothing.

At that moment, Lu Zhuangyuan took the sword that Li Huowang had thrown away and ran over to give it to Li Huowang.

Just as Li Huowang sheathed the sword, he saw Lu Zhuangyuans smiling face sheepishly asking him, Do I look like a human or a god? Hihihi~

No wait! The performance hasnt stopped! This one is a fake!

However Li Huowang realized it too late.

Just as he reacted, the fake Lu Zhuangyuan pounced, its pale claws piercing through Li Huowangs body.

Li Huowang felt a bone-chilling cold spread throughout his body as if he had been plunged into freezing water. His emotions fluctuated as everything around him turned dark.

Chacha and Chars Thoughts

"You look like a bitch!" Hot damn MC roasted that thing.

Chapter end

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