Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 25 - Night Ranger

Chapter 25 - Night Ranger

Chapter 25 - Night Ranger

Shi Fengs words confused the other members.

Wasnt it just a roar? What was there to pay attention to?

When Shi Feng looked at everyones contemptuous expressions, he couldnt help but gravely say Listen well you all. Hells Roar is not as simple as what you think it is. In a moment, follow my demands while advancing. If anyone makes a mistake, dont blame me for immediately kicking you out of the party.

Being lectured by Shi Feng in such a way, the other members all became serious. Nobody wished to leave the party.

In a moment, Cola and I will walk in front. Lonely Snow, you walk in the middle and protect the Oracle. Blackie, you and the Summoner will walk at the back. Remember, you must not break formation regardless of any activities. Without my command, nobody is allowed to be the first to attack, do you all understand? Shi Feng explained the basics of formations once to the party.

The reason Shi Feng had allowed the Guardian Knight, Cola, to walk in front was that he let Cola add all of his Free Ability Points into Endurance. His HP now reached 310 points. With this much HP, Cola could resist a little longer, sharing some of Shi Fengs burden.

The Dungeons in Gods domain were unlike the Dungeons in other virtual reality games. The degree of freedom within the Dungeon was high, and the Dungeons, themselves, were very large. There were even quite a few player parties who had wandered around in the Dungeon for hours without even meeting a single Boss. Although the Deathly Forest was not as large, it was still possible to become lost within the dark and gloomy forest.

If someone were to become lost...

Shi Feng only wished to say hehe.

The scary part of the Deathly Forest was that players could become lost once they entered the forest. Eventually, the players would mysteriously die one after another. In Shi Fengs previous life, there were countless players who had entered the forest and died over and over again in such a way without even meeting the shadow of a monster. If they had good luck and met a monster, then the result was a party-wipe. Only after many experts of Guilds had done it, did everyone finally understand the dreadfulness of the Deathly Forest. They had acknowledged that it was a terrifying Dungeon that was impossible to clear without reaching Level 5.

When Shadow Guild reached Level 5, they had organized hundreds of players to scout out the paths in the Deathly Forest. They had paid over hundreds of lives to finally have a clear understanding of the Deathly Forests map.

The entire Deathly Forest had thirty-six paths. However, only three of them led to the first Boss, Willie. These three paths were paved with the lives of many players. Two of these three paths were extremely dangerous. Without sufficient strength, death would be the only result. There was only one path that had very few monsters.

Under Shi Fengs lead, everyone walked into the forest.

The moment they entered the forest, everyone discovered that there were too many pathways through the forest. They did not know which one was the right path. However, Shi Feng had chosen one without hesitation. Everyone else closely followed him while being cautious of their surroundings.

After walking for about five minutes, they met their first monster. Suddenly, everybody started to become tense.

Dont act on impulse. Listen to my commands. Shi Feng loudly shouted.

In front of them was only a Level 2 Elite monster, a Night Rabbit. However, due to the Dungeons strengthening, its Attack, Defense, and HP were all greatly increased. Its HP was a whopping 700 points.

Cola, you lure the monster over. Oracle, pay attention to healing. Everyone else, dont start the attack without my command, Shi Feng quickly gave out orders.

The Guardian Knight, Cola gulped down a mouthful of saliva. He carefully walked towards the Night Rabbits attack range. Everyone else was nervous to the extreme. Although this was only a Level 2 Elite, they were currently in the Hell Mode of a Dungeon.

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However, everyones nervousness was for naught. The moment the Night Rabbit with a persons height saw Cola, it immediately dashed over.

Cola had very successfully lured the Night Rabbit over. Moreover, he did not panic when he lured it. He retreated while using his shield to block the Night Rabbits attacks. However, even though every attack landed on the shield, the damage was still terrifying; just a single hit dealt 42 damage. By the time Cola returned to the front of the party, his HP had already dropped by a third.

The Oracle, whose name was Drowsy Sloth, had good awareness. He had given out healing the moment Cola entered his casting range. However, every heal could only add 24 HP to Cola; it was completely not enough to stop Colas HP from falling.

Brother Feng, are we still not attacking? Blackie was slightly nervous. At this moment, Colas remaining HP did not even reach one-third of its total.

Bringing an Oracle into a Dungeon was just a complete mistake. Amongst the Healer Jobs, Oracles had the weakest healing abilities. However, since Shi Feng had chosen so, Blackie could only acknowledge it. Now that their MT was close to death, it would be unacceptable if they still did not attack.

Hold on. Shi Feng resolutely said.

Time passed bit by bit. Cola continuously used his shield to block the claw attacks of the Night Rabbit, whereas his HP continuously decreased. Cola only had 20% HP remaining, yet Shi Feng had yet to give out the command to attack.

Just when everyone thought that Shi Feng wanted to give up on Cola, a flying arrow pierced through the forest, shooting directly for the partys Oracle, Drowsy Sloth. Lonely Snow had not reacted at all as Drowsy Sloth was struck directly on his chest. A very great damage of -123 points appeared.

At this moment, Shi Feng shouted, Sloth, use Life Payment. Use the damage you received to heal Cola. Blackie, hold back the Night Rabbit to let Cola recover. Lonely, come with me. Everyone else attacks the Night Rabbit.

Oracles were indeed the weakest regarding healing. However, Oracles had high HP; they would not be easily one-shotted. Also, Oracles had two skills when they first start out. One was Life Prayer, while the other was Life Payment. Life Payment could turn the damage received by the user into a heal to be used on other players. In the early periods of the game, healers did not possess many skills or equipment. In regards to such a situation, Oracles had a greater advantage over other healers when entering the Deathly Forest. It was the reason why Shi Feng had given up on choosing a Priest over an Oracle.

After finishing his piece, Shi Feng rushed into the forest.

Do you think I will let you run away? Shi Feng coldly said as he looked at the dark shadow running through the forest.

Wind Blade!

Shi Feng turned into a phantom, chasing directly forward.

The reason why Shi Feng did not let anyone attack the Night Rabbit was to use Cola as bait. Shi Feng wanted to lure out the dark hand hiding behind the scenes.

Although the Night Rabbit looked terrifying, an Elite party could face up to two or three of them at once without any problems. However, in Shi Fengs previous life, the reason why even a Level 5 Elite party could be party-wiped was that of the dark shadow in front of Shi Feng. This dark shadow used the Night Rabbit as bait, luring players into attacking it. The dark shadow, on the other hand, would ambush the healers from behind. As the Night Rabbit was occupying everyone else, there was no way to save the healer. In the end, everyone died.

Inside the Deathly Forest, if players did not deal with this fellow, the result would be a party-wipe.

With the increased Movement Speed from Wind Blade, Shi Feng quickly caught up to the dark shadow. Shi Feng waved out three sword slashes, sealing the dark shadows path of advance.

The black shadow knew that it could not escape. It immediately turned around, unsheathing a pair of knives to block Shi Fengs attack.

Dang! Dang! Dang!

With the Abyssal Blade, Shi Fengs Strength was frighteningly high. His attacks caused the dark shadow to take three steps back, and each step it retreated would be followed by the damage that was over -10. In the end, the dark shadow revealed its figure under the moonlight.

[Night Ranger] (Special Elite)

Level 2

HP 1458/1500

Seeing the Night Ranger being repelled, Shi Feng immediately used Abyssal bind without giving him a chance. Nine pitch-black chains appeared to bind the Night Ranger, preventing him from moving for 3 seconds, and his Defense reduced by 100%.

Thundering Flash!


Damages of -81, -98, -119, -124 appeared. When the two skills landed, a frightening amount of damage appeared, taking away a quarter of the Night Rangers HP.

No matter how capable the Night Ranger was, it could not break free from the binding of the nine chains. He could only silently take a beating for 3 whole seconds.

Shi Feng was unrestrained as he sent out sword slash after sword slash, piercing through the vital point on the Night Rangers chest. By the time the Night Ranger broke free from the bindings, his remaining HP did not exceed 700 points.

Wretched human! The Night Ranger was enraged. He brandished his twin blades like a gale, engulfing Shi Feng.

At this moment, Lonely Snow finally caught up. A Charge from him had caused the Night Ranger to enter a fainted state, at the same time breaking the Night Rangers gale-like blade.

Shi Feng took the chance to slash at the Night Rangers neck.

Lonely Snow also brandished his large ax at the Night Ranger.

By the time the Night Ranger had awoken, he only had a remnant of his HP left. The Night Ranger abruptly hacked his twin blades towards Lonely Snow, sending him flying backward and dealing 64 damage. The Night Ranger turned his head to stare at Shi Feng, once more brandishing his twin blades and slashing horizontally towards Shi Fengs neck.

Dang! Shi Feng used Parry with his sword. Without giving the Night Ranger any chances to retaliate, Shi Feng lifted up the ranger and tossed him back. Then, Shi Feng followed up with a couple of sword strikes, finishing off the Night Ranger.

Shi Feng conveniently picked up the two items that dropped, then immediately ran towards Colas location to provide help.

Laying by the side, Lonely Snow became dumbfounded after seeing Shi Fengs agile skills. His heart filled with shock, Lonely Snow had even forgotten to follow Shi Feng to support.

There was such a way even to kill monsters?

Chapter end

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